The Ohio State Neurosurgical Society (OHSNS) supports patient and members in advancing patient care through the encouragement of education and research by allowing neurosurgeons in achieving the highest possible standards of professional ability and integrity.


It is our society's goal to:

...Promote and encourage all respects of the neurological surgery practice, continuing education and
advancement of the discipline of neurological surgery.


...Promote scientific and professional exchange between members of this Society.


...Maintain and strive constantly to improve the high level of neurosurgical care for the people of the State of Ohio.



Patrick Youssef, MD, FAANS
PRESIDENT, Ohio State Neurosurgical Society
Youssef Patrick 2015.jpg

Our Annual Meeting connects you with new ideas while providing valuable opportunities for networking with colleagues and industry representatives. Each year, the planning committee puts together an outstanding program—emphasizing the quest for excellence in all aspects of our work.