June 12-13, 2020  Acacia Premier Hotel, Kisumu, Kenya

The Kisumu Neuroscience Initiative is led by OHSNS member and OhioHealth neurosurgeon Dr. Victor Awuor. Dr. Awuor and a colleague will lead a team to the city of Kisumu in the east African nation of Kenya to treat patients who have traumatic brain injuries, tumors and other neurosurgical conditions.

Strong Ohio Representation in the Council of State Neurosurgical Society fellows - Northwest Quadrant

This year, all three 2019-2020 Northwest Quadrant Socioeconomic Fellows coming from Ohio. They are:

Kristin Huntoon, DO, PhD (Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center)

William Jeong, MD (University of Cincinnati)

James Wright, MD (Case Western Reserve University)

Congratulations to our rising future leaders in Neurosurgery!

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